First and foremost, we would like to say thank you to all our Patrons for your continued support your support which invaluable and you are helping to bring The Poser: In Pieces to life. In our last update, we introduced our working relationship with Staffordshire University whereby students contribute to the game for a few hours each week. Now that they have spent some time with the game we would like to talk about what they have been working on:

Peter Scoorgie - Keyboard and Mouse Controls

Before we started to work with the university we had already created a custom input manager and lobby system that allowed a multitude of controller configurations to be assigned to the players. Peter has gone on to extend this system to include Keyboard and Mouse input, this has been a difficult task not only on a technically level, but also from a design side as our game was created with controllers in mind. To fix this multiple control types were prototyped before a final version was chosen and we believe that this iteration is great.

David Dewhrist - A.I

We had no A.I. in the game before the scheme started, and when we were discussing potential areas with the students David decided that he was up for the challenge of creating this system. As some of you may have seen on our social media feeds he has made some great progress. The A.I. can now play through the Precision game mode (the one we have mainly been showing off) by itself.

Daniel Breton - Combat / Punishments / Game modes

Daniel has worked on many areas of the game and even built the foundations for our combat system by creating the punching and kicking functionality. This is a vital part of the game and was something that we had wanted to implement for a while. Furthermore, he has also implemented two punishments (Player Rotation and Player Movement) that use our recently created Punishment system (that was mentioned in our previous update). Finally, he has just started to work on a new Football-esque game mode we are calling “Airball”.

Alex Scott - Audio Manager

Audio is an incredibly important part of any game - not only does it add to the immersion, but also provides user feedback to events that happen in-game. Imagine playing an FPS and the guns don’t make any noise when they are fired. Sounds dull, yes? Thankfully, Alex has been working on an audio manager which will allow us to have full control over all sounds in the game (Where they’re played, how long for, what volume).

Paul Roberts

Paul is a lecturer at the university who has previously worked at Team 17, Activision and Travellers’ Tales. He is the person who is solely responsible for providing both ourselves and the students with this fantastic opportunity and we would like to simply say, thank you.

As you can see the guys have been incredibly helpful and we can safely say that development has sped up beyond what we thought possible.

Next up we are working on a new camera Asset for the Unity Asset store called “Boss Shared Camera”. Using this camera will allow designers to implement a 2D camera to their game that will not only keep track of multiple targets (that can be added to or removed from at runtime) but also zoom and contain them within a set play area. We hope to release this very soon.

To keep everyone updated, we are still in the development stage of our aforementioned YouTube series that will be dedicated to all things Unity. We hope to have more information soon.

Thank you for the continued support


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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