March Update for Everyone In The World
March has come and gone and it has been a busy month. A number of projects are currently in development and I have begun the process of taking selected titles and converting them into commercial documents. This is very exciting as it will mean much better books and a wider range of formats that can be made available to readers.

Six titles will be released on DrivethruRPG towards the end of April and all will be freely available to Patrons through the Chronicle's activity feed. Currently I am continuing development of the Vaeyawch gamebook, finishing a major expansion of the First Book of Haer'al by more than 1500 entries, revising and updating all the mythologies currently available, and have completed a full translation of the Sorrows of Gedhru and Aume into its original Elder Tongue form. This translation will be provided with the updated english version and also used as a sample text within the First book of Haer'al primer.

All these newly updated titles will be available to Patrons in their PDF format from the third week of this month (a week before commercial release) and I will then put together the next Advanced Legends of the Deep Guild adventure. To be titled "The Karankut" it will be the second in this series and will of course, count towards advancement within the Guild.

Beyond these releases I will be converting a further number of major titles from the series and continuing with the development of Vaeyawch. If you are not currently a Patron of the Chronicles I invite you to consider taking this journey with me.


Wayne Densley