March updates - there's a lot of them
  • Muskox pun postcards for 8$ patrons were mailed today! 

  • Started an instagram! I feel sheepish that it took me this long, but it's really great and full of inspiring illustrators.  Plus #cutebutevil is the best tag for me.  Find me here:   


  • So much time learning illustrator!  It still surprises me how different working in Illustrator is from pen and paper drawing.  I started watching some excellent skillshare turtorials.  I'll be posting some logo designs here soon. 

  • Commission finished! You can see it here. 

  • Finished a romance novel cover that is coming out this weekend! I am so excited to share it.  Plus it's noticeably better than my first cover design. It's in the same series, but the sequel has TIGERS!

  • Figured out The Adventure Zone  is fantastic to make art to.  Seriously.  TAZ is my go to for background stories:  full of good boys and amazing characters! (It's made me a better D&D player too...)
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