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March Week 3 at Daron's Guitar Chronicles
I'm writing this from Orlando where I'm attending the ICFA academic conference on science fiction and fantasy! Not much crossover here with Daron's Guitar Chronicles, but two posts did go live this week as scheduled. Speaking of the posting schedule, in Tuesday's post I included a poll about what's going to happen in the summer, and in the comments there's much discussion happening. The gist is I've managed to get myself into a situation where I have two novels due to their publishers at the end of the summer, one in August, one in September, and I just don't think I'm going to be able to maintain full output on DGC. The plan that has emerged from the conversation there is that I'm going to cut back to posting once a week (Tuesdays), and I'll be encouraging fans to send me stuff to post (Thursdays). So, fanfic, record reviews, etc? Anything you think the Daron community might like? Feel free to join in the conversation over there if you like: Tuesday's post: Love Rears Its Ugly Head and also Thursday's post: Cities in Dust Look for a full liner note coming soon, too! Oh, and by the way, during the four months I'm on "half time" I'll of course only be charging half for Patreon patrons. It'll be $1 per two weeks instead of per week. Cecilia
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