March Writing Prompt
March’s writing prompt is Nature. Nature is all around us in the natural world, the world we created in the nature of civilizations and societies, and within us as the core essence of the nature of what it means to be human. In this regard, there is no escaping it; we either accept it for what it is or attempt to change or control it to fit our needs. Nature is a powerful force that pushes and guides and influences our lives.

Here are some ideas for engaging this prompt:

  • Take a walk in a park or a hike through a trail and journal about your experience.
  • If the Earth, mountains, rivers, oceans, plants and animals could communicate with us in human language, what would they say to us?
  • Write about the “heart” of a city; its unique charismatic nature created by the city’s inhabitants, culture and history.

The comment section is open for you to share what you've written or created. I'll post what I've written in a few days..


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