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Marching Towards Greatness Week 3
Ooof, week 3 is done!

I'm really starting to feel it now. I'm starting to get reeeeaal sick of it. Not that I don't enjoy doing it, I just want to rest, just for a fucking day. To you it's just 10 minutes of ManMode every day, to me it's a fucking mission to make something that I don't hate and I don't have the time to think about anything else.

I didn't really have a theme in the third week like the first one was about unused anime scripts and the second about gaming. I originally had a plan for the whole month and every week had a theme, but as I started doing MTG, I realized that a week worth of content on that plan was not doable, or it was an awful idea. So now I'm just doing whatever I feel like doing that day. This allows for some much needed flexibility, because I'm not in the mood to make a certain video every day, but also allows me to spend hours thinking what I'm going to make, instead of actually making something.

Where as the first week was mostly consistent in quality and the second had high highs and low lows, this one was kinda in the middle. I made one video that I like a lot, but everything else was inconsistent, although not as much as week two.

Are Small Youtubers Screwed? (ManMode Edition) - MTG Day 15
Honestly, I just wanted to make a mid March vid that feels a little bit like the Day 0 announcement video and just talk about how I feel about things and about my situation. It may have come off as a bit whiney to some, but life is not all flowers and I just wanted to be real. Showing weakness to some people meant that I need some sort of guidance and I got a lot of (awful) advice. Really, I never asked for it and I don't think the video was bad, but that just upset me and now I don't like the fact that I have this on my channel. Also the title and the thumbnail contributed to the problem, but I was just copying what The Electric Hobo did, because it seemed like fun.

Muh vidyas and how I thunk 'em - MTG Day 16
This video was planned from the start, but it wasn't planned to come out just yet. So because I made "Are Small Youtubers Screwed?" the day before, it just felt like the logical next step. I feel like, my "philosophy" resonated with some, but what do you know... people who like giving me their shitty advice, didn't like that I'm not taking it and so they gave me even more unwanted advice on how I should take their advice and what videos I need to make on MY channel, AFTER WATCHING A VIDEO IN WHICH I SAY THAT I DON'T WANT ADVICE AND I WILL JUST MAKE THE VIDEOS I LIKE TO MAKE. "You don't need to take it, it's just my opinion bro." Well I never asked for it, so you can shove it. Another perfectly fine video IMO, that now I just regret making, because of the response. I know it's a minority, but those people stick out like a sore thumb. 

Top 10 Worst Anitubers - MTG Day 17
After that whole shit storm, I just wanted to make a not serious video and just have fun for a while. This was originally supposed to be about creators I enjoy, but I wasn't in the mood for that and I felt a bit spicey so I just decided to ironically shit on some youtubers. I had fun making it and no one got offended and all was good.


It's pretty much impossible to watch anime because technology is evil - MTG Day 18
Look dudes, I just wanted to make a funny video in which I complain how technology is failing us. Seems like no one liked that video xD It's fine, I agree it's a bad video... but I NEVER imagined it would cause the biggest shit storm yet. I got more advice on how to fix my problems than ever before and not only is it bad advice because: a) I thought of every thing and advice like "just buy a longer HDMI" is useless in my specific scenario and b) I think throwing more money is an effective but dumb way to fix them, buuuut I also never needed any advice in the first place because: a) non of this is a problem, because everything is working right now, b) non of this is a problem because tech problems are not real problems to me and c) the video was just supposed to be a funny bit in which I rage. I even made it so my mic clips constantly to create the ear rape effect and called the technology evil. Is that not enough for people to understand that this is a bit, an exaggerated performance? The fucking tech geeks think they're fixing their grandma's old windows 98 computer. Please just take this one thing out of this whole situation from this week: Don't give advice to people who don't ask for it. Especially me.  I do not's are raping me.

Being a role model for kids - MTG Day 19
I felt really awful that day, because of everything that happened. I watched some Kill la Kill to calm my nerves and just procrastinated for most of the day. I wanted something more chill and something that doesn't take much to make. I recorded this at like 8 PM and I only expected to do an hour or two of editing. I severely underestimated how much time editing audio in audacity takes. So yeah I worked on it for like 4-5 hours and I was all sick of listening to my voice. I knew that most people wouldn't watch this, but it was a subject I like talking about it and I suspect some people find it fascinating, so I don't feel bad about making this. It's okay.

Kill la Kill's Last Goodbye... just one more time - MTG Day 20
It felt like the quality of MTG was starting to drop so I needed to make another banger. This was something I always planned to make, but not for MTG. It was supposed to be a real ManMode video. I felt inspired and I was ready TO WORK! And so I watched the last episode like 2 times, wrote the script which took me 2 hours, recorded it in like 30 minutes and then got ready for what was going to be my longest marathon of editing yet. I wanna say I slaved on this bitch for like 14 hours (watching, writing, recording and editing combined) minus the breaks, which I shouldn't discount, because I really wasn't doing anything else other than taking a short break to relax my back, shoulders muscles and take a smoke. At the end of the day, I'm very happy with how it turned out and I know I've done everything possible to make this video as good as possible in a single day.
Also it's fucking Kill la Kill, so of course I like it.


I know too much... - MTG Day 21
I woke up the next day, physically and mentally broken. I needed to rest, so I finally decided to watch some mindless youtube videos all day. At the end of the day I got this stupid idea, made some notes, went to the storage place, recorded for 12 minutes, edited the vid in like 30 minutes and that's it. Not much to say about it... I think it turned out ok, all things considered.

Yeah, I hope you understand where I'm coming from when I say I'm tired.
I only have like 10 videos to go... wait I have to make 10 more videos. Fuck me. 

Thank you all so much for supporting me. 

I hope you are still enjoying the MTG.

The March is not over yet, so see you in 10 days when I'm dead.