March's book is on the way
Hello my ever-loving patrons! March's book will go in the mail tomorrow, so print subscriber's will have their hands on it soon! I decided to make color printed covers this month to make up for the fact that last month's cover was smudgy. I'm really happy with how this book came out! The red and yellow on this cover are the Macedonian flag, and the landscape on the cover are some of the locational highlights from my trip to Macedonia! I also want to let everyone know that there will not be weekly digest posts for the next 2 weeks, because I'll be away from my computer in Washington. First I'm attending Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, and then spending a week at a lodge in southern Washington at an all women's comics retreat. So while I wont be able to post when I'm away, I'll be out making some experiences to write about! Thanks for reading! Liz
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