March's Brucie Bonus?
Hey guys, 

The trailer for March's WWE/Jetsons crossover dropped yesterday! 

Your opinion is really important to me. I've gotten a ton of people asking for a review. Honestly I think it looks absolutely batshit awful, but that would make for a fun review! March is right before WrestleCon/WM33 - I'll be super busy getting things ready so I wouldn't have time to edit a PPV review that month and this as well. Do you want this as the March review or rather a story arc PPV review, or don't mind? 

Lemme know below, write Jetsons, PPV, or don't mind!

See ya in the funny pages!


p.s. we haven't decided on a story arc yet, but we'll reveal it when the first part is the next video to be produced. So I'll make a trailer vid sometime in February!

EDIT 12 Jan:  Dang, I was hoping it'd be a landslide for one or the other! Right now it's roughly 2:1 in favour of a PPV review. btw it's a now-or-never type situation for the WWE/Jetsons, (so please no 'delay it for later in the year' answers!) Either we do it in March (when it's relevant) or not at all!