Hey, my dears!

Whao Patreon has been under maintenance for a while, huh?

I wanted to post a fragment of the video process of my latest illustration, Mare Battle, but Patreon doesn't like avi videos, so I uploaded it on Tumblr for the moment, here you have the link. It's part of the watercolouring process, back in the beginning of the work, the full video is available for +10$ patrons.

So, this illustration has it's own special story, you bet. At first I wanted to somehow remake an illustration I did long time ago, featuring a younger Song and Prince Wind instead of Selwyn, but after sketching for a while, this idea turned nice. Oh, here I posted the sketched on my Tumblr. So, in the end I wanted to draw a battle scene, that's all what I wanted, so I could forget for a while this obssesion with yellow I have at the moment since all my THE LAST QUEST comic is totally yellow.

And here, Master Selwyn and my smokin' hot pyromancer Song are battling a nightmare, a terrible one, thanks god they will awake soon. The description says:

“Unbearable battle against a physical horror born from the darkest nightmare. At least, they are together, not as master and student, but as brothers.”

This is because -story time- Song's elder brother, Prince Wind, passed away in mysterious circumtances related in another story, and Selwyn is now who takes care of him, because of a promise. With time they have learnt to love each other, so they finally become so close, as brothers. So close they have the same dream and battle together, ok, that's pretty weird, I suppose it's because of love...

You will be able to read more about it because tomorrow I will finally upload here the sketches of the first chapter of THE LONGEST NIGHT for all of my patrons ;) Only the text is left for editing, and tomorrow it will be ready!

And that's all for today! If everything goes nice and easy, tomorrow I will post the chapter for you! Have a great time!