Marie Rose, Vanille & Kotori Photoshoots!
Yesterday I went to a cosplay studio for the first time! I had an amazing time and I got to do 3 whole photoshoots!

Look forward to some new Marie Rose pics, Minami Kotori and Vanille from Final Fantasy 13! You guys will be getting first look at the shots and level 6 pledgers will be getting and exclusive image from each shoot to themselves!

I have also recorded Cosplay Showcases for the costumes, but I'm thinking about making a "Cosplay Lookbook" with them! Not only that but I recorded an inside look of the studio to show you guys exactly how it works if you are interested in going to one yourself.

New prints of my Kotori & Emilia cosplays are now in stock! They will be sent as rewards this month to anyone over Level 5! Level 6 will be getting one of each new print!

I am also working on creating new business cards & keychains! It's all thanks to my Patreons!! Thank you all so much, it would not be possible without your support!