Mariette - Human Form - Pre Tragedy
This turned out to be a pretty fun project to work on with a lot of potential for expansion.

It's also a pretty complex psd file.

Its set up so you can deactivate the hair layer, has multiple expressions that can easily be added to. Then since the bust will distort depending on what shes wearing they are on a separate layer were they can be  redrawn back on depending on what your costuming her with.

With this I'll be able to much more swiftly knock out the fashion designs. It's pretty static though so for sure I'll need to do plenty of other images that let her body language help to bring the character out more.


Right now I need to decide on what the families station was before they became exiled, it will help to inform all of their designs and add a special layer of detail to the rest of the story though ultimately won't really effect the final outcome by much. 

I'm leaning toward them being from an upper class family, servants to nobility, or some form of working class. I really need your help in deciding though. Really it will depend on what sort of outfits you want to see be destroyed as they transform. XD


A Clothless variant is available in the 1$ Patreon Rewards folder. send word if you have trouble locating or accessing the files. ^ _^