Mariette - Human / Werewolf - Size comparison.
This feels like the ideal range in size that the character would go through upon final transformation.

I'll need to figure out at what stage of the transformation does the mass gain happen.

Maybe its just steady throughout the process or there could be stages early and late into the transformation where a burst of size occurs. 

Perhaps a mix somewhere in between is best. Whats your take on the concept?

One thing I do want is for their to be a residual elements visible in the human forms overall build after the transformation. Enhanced skeletal and musculature. Perhaps they are physically like 10% taller than they were originally. 

I had the notion that after repeated transformations that certain features would just sort of stick around... it could be based on the particular strand of the curse or be based on the individuals background. Traits like the wolf ears or tail being retained I think would be at the extreme end of the spectrum. Overall traits like eye color, claws, fangs or body fur would be more natural, with such features potentially making it difficult for the cursed to hide in crowds. 

I think overall that the people who feed into desiring the transformation would have the harder time trying to get such features to totally revert away. For people fighting the transformation such features could act like a barometer for how much time they have left before they can no longer hold back.

For the now there are only the 2 extremes of feeding the transformation or fighting it. The end goal would be for the Crimson Dames to be among the first to slowly figure out a balance the transformations without bringing death and destruction about every time they do change.