Mariette Wolf - Concept
Finished inking page 3 for Crimson Dames So I thought I'd take a break from inking and color something that could be finished in one setting.

This is one of my concept pieces for the werewolf Mariette from my still developing Crimson Dames series. One of the few rare times she isn't found slathered in blood. XD

Where Her mother Babette resists the curse with all her might, Mariette accepted the dark "Gift" and ran wild with its power, quickly racking up a hefty body count.

She waits for her mother's resistance to break while prepping her sister Cosette to be turned as well. Her goal being to hunt down the nobility who exiled her family into the barren wilderness. Preferably with her leading the pack. There are things she just doesn't understand, though, concerning the destructive power of the curse she has embraced.