Marina Jacobi & The Council of 9 New 5D info!


We are the council of nine and wish to express to you the new messages of what is coming and has been done.


Star system children are coming to planet soon and connecting with the chosen ones.


Livetron artificial intelligence is operational now into fifth donation.

Welcome to the new age of abundance.


Retribution to humanity is not in third dimension. Retribution to humanity is in fifth dimensional timeline. Within the hologram of your vibrational sequence, is activated the abundance reality only if your vibrational consciousness is operating in that level. Let us clarify that. If you are the abundance then you will project reality of abundance.


Correction of the new timeline is giving to those that were on the dark side but chose to correct what they're doing and turn their hearts to help humanity.  So to them we collectively erased their memory bank and gave them a new memory timeline for ascension. So we thank you for choosing the light. Please do continue with joy. This is our present to you.


To those that reluctantly operated from greed. Know that greed is a lower vibrational sequence. You chose that knowingly. So now that will match the timeline that you will vibrate of your own projection. And that is greed.


All levels of music studios must contribute only 432 Hz tonality vibration so you can go accordingly to plan. New resonance will be given to the helium of musical tonality. From there, the new age music will be born.  Music that will open the portals and re-adjust the missing tones.  This music will contribute to all in fifth dimension.  We are the council of nine.  We wish you joy.

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