Marjolene Agori portrait
A game set in the GM's own world was started up... early autumn? using the Vampire the Masquerade system but is now being transferred into Symbaroum (we are all going to die). We're a group of four necromancers, tasked by our mentor to find and... deal with other necromancers who are abusing the magic they have been taught. Because the end goal is to make necromancy legal, and we can't do that if people are proving the Inquisition right all over the place. For shame!

Marjolene is the only elf on the team, spends her free time elbow deep in machinery and is working on inventing a fridge, for the betterment of the people. She's the healer and tries to be the conscience of the group, but it's... going so-so. Partially because her own standards go out the window when she's angry.

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