Marker charms!
If you follow me on Twitter, I already twitted about these.

I just bought some colored permanent markers and decided to test them out. Took some suggestions from Twitter and these were drawn. A Kupo, Chocobo, Rowlet, 3 cats, 3 watermelons slices, a bacon donut and slice of bacon.

After baking them, the food came out SUPER TINY lol. The other ones came out decent sizes, especially the Kupo, Chocobo and black & white cat. Need to keep in mind to draw pretty big and not tiny.

@Sandora on Twitter suggested to do a color test to see the end results after being bake to keep as a reference. That's a super great idea and will do that!

Overall, I actually had fun with these. I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to my art (why I really prefer digital drawing over traditional) but doing this kind of stuff is relaxing and enjoyable. Not perfect drawings, as I did not sketch before hand so what you see was first time.

I don't know if people would want hand drawn charms as they are not the best quality, but if people want some, let me know! I'm not too shabby at doing animals/pets (I actually prefer doing animals over humans like this as animals seem to be easier to draw? Don't ask. It's hard to explain.)

I added pictures of the markers I bought and the before and after pictures.

*I just realized I can place a piece of paper underneath this white shrink film and see through it. I can trace! HAHAHAHA!!

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