Market Analysis 8-5-17

S&P 500 Resistance –  2478, 2505

S&P 500 Support  –  2422, 2400, 2375, 2340, 2332, 2320, 2315, 2300, 2285, 2278, 2258

The target 3200 on the S&P 500 remains. This analysis will be free to Patreon members for the month of September and available as a Patreon supporter at my Patreon site starting in October. I will email the link to you for the rest of September. I hope you will join me there to get the analysis and the popcorn!

Let's grab the Popcorn!

North Korea. LOL ROTFLOL They will figure it out. Japan is certainly imagining the worst and they need to just stop it or they will get it. I am sure North Korea is at the end of their rope with China cutting off supplies. So they get louder. Like a kid. Ignore them. They will get tired and fall asleep. It is all good.

I know the military wants us to unite behind a common adversary, remember Russia is the adversary and the Navy or Army whatever is the enemy LOL, but as you can see North Korea, Russia, Syria, all in the game plan, are not working. They are scratching their heads. But they see the unity they desire in the response to Hurricane Harvey. Generals and other military men want to progress. They want stars. You can't blame them. That is what they want. To be the best general ever. To do that you need an enemy. When no one wants to agree on an enemy you cannot fight. As they are learning so they bring in the drones. Now they are learning it isn't fun leading a bunch of drones. For crying out loud, you can't get a star for deaths by drone. LOL And we all dislike that targeting a device which ends up killing a family member or innocent instead of the one they targeted.

Everyone knows they wouldn't like it. Everyone has grown up quite a bit in emotional maturity and no one cares what the crying baby has to say. There are no terrorists. They are people and some are righteous in their belief and you cannot defeat that. Not ever not even if you are the most advanced army in the world. Guerrillas will win every time.

There is only one way to change an enemy and you can't use the thinking that made the enemy to do it. Created in hate, removed by love. Bombing and destruction do not make friends. 

Authority sees AntiFa is not working and has pulled the plug allowing the mainstream media to start at least noting the irony of their silliness. LOL it is good to see it flipping over.

The mainstream news media is realizing all their crying and demanding others believe them, believe as they do, are losing not only a battle but a war. They have tried blaming so many mostly Trump for the loss of confidence in themselves. They did it to themselves long before Trump. He just said it out loud. No one believes them because they all know it is just a story. It is all a story and as long as the media sticks to one side of the story it is their story and no one cares. Tell both sides or go away. 

Elon Musk is having some nightmares about AI. Poor darling. Bless his heart. 

Irma will die in the Atlantic. Unless Florida and NY keep calling it.

They are pushing driverless cars. LOL better tell the car makers no one will buy them. No one will ride in them. Unless they live in a city and really have very little driving in their life. Costs a lot a less to get a golf cart if you ask me. 

Debt limit done deal.

Russia is lovely. We know that. They are not the enemy much less the adversary. Hillary's maybe or John McCain's but no one else cares. This will end and we will unite with Russia and China and India.  The military will get over it. I know many years planning this but we learned a long time ago it's ok to change the plan. Even at the last minute. 

Many do not realize the change they asked for is here. The loss of trust  in man made institutions will never be again. They lost the narrative. 

There is a new story being told now and it isn't how some man or some institution with a lot of humans with lots of letters behind their names know better than the rest of us what the rest of us ought to believe and do. Those days are over. Yeah!

People thinking for themselves is a wonderful thing. It is a glorious thing.

I am thrilled we are expanding not disrupting. Only the old way of thinking would say disruption. It's ok. They will grow up one day.

Take care,