Market Analysis 9-28-17

 S&P 500 Resistance –   2530, 2575

S&P 500 Support  –     2505,   2478,  2422, 2400, 2375, 2340, 2332, 2320

Nice up day, still in the range. Target 3200. GE was hit with a class action lawsuit over its pension plans. It is all good as they will discover so it is on sale. Suing over underperformance for a five year period. LOL that is too cute. It will all work out. 

Tax Reform - the initial reaction market reaction was blah. It is attached.

Let's do Popcorn!


Immediately on the heels of the Iraqi Kurdistan "yes" vote, the Iraqi parliament approved sending troops to the disputed Kirkuk region to prevent the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) from taking full control of the oil-rich area.  Turkey is threatening a blockade of the region.

Nooooooo! Kurds!!!!!!!! 

LOL at least they got to vote. In Catalon orders have been given to remove anyone already in the polling stations, and seize any items being used for the vote, "especially ballot boxes, computers, ballot papers and election documents and propaganda".

 Nooooooo! Catalonians !!!!!!!!  


I think it is pretty obvious Facebook was pressured to 'find' something. 100k over two years of advertising from Russia was produced after assuring all that was not possible.  Facebook expects to turn over the more than 3,000 Russia bought political ads to US lawmakers in the coming days. ROTFLOL too cute!

Democrats have taken to the media to bash Trump's tax proposal as a "windfall for the wealthy" even though the plan explicitly contemplates a new top end personal tax bracket to "ensure that the reformed tax code is at least as progressive as the existing tax code and does not shift the tax burden from high-income to lower- and middle-income taxpayers."  

Senator Wyden somehow concluded that a "lack of detail" confirms that the middle class is about to get screwed by the Trump administration and Ms. Pelosi is out there preaching the same old same old. 

Aren't they great? Let's give them all a big round of applause! So passionate. Much ado about nothing. It will all work out I am sure. It always does.

The mainstream media is spining their web that they try to weave well but they lost the narrative long ago so no one cares. Here is one of their headlines today.

Trump Goes Nuclear: NFL Will "Go To Hell"

Here is what he actually said.

"I think The NFL is in a box, the only thing that is doing well for The NFL is the pre-game... 

They can’t have people disrespecting the national anthem. The NFL has to change or their business is going to go to hell."

He is right. Their business is going to hell. Beyond the fans turning off the TV, burning season tickets and merchandise they purchased, NFL Sunday ticket subscriptions are being cancelled right and left and the Red Zone subscriptions as well. 

The AP reports that through the first three weeks of the NFL season, viewership for national telecasts of NFL games is down 11% compared with 2016, according to Nielsen. While games had averaged 17.63 million viewers during the first three weeks of last season, that number has dipped to just 15.65 million so far this year. 

The Nielsen figures don’t include many of the Sunday afternoon games that are shown to a regional audience, but not a national one.

The report is the latest sign that NFL ratings are sliding, as President Donald Trump has claimed. Earlier this week, NBC reported a week-over-week, and year-over-year, drop in ratings for “Sunday Night Football” as the prime time match-up between the 27-10 winning Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders had a 11.6/20. That’s the worst rating for Sunday Night Football this season.

After Steeler Alejandro Villanueva came out and apologized for going against his bosses wishes, you could feel the coals of anger turning white. Especially since his jersey was being bought right and left until he said this. Bam! That stopped.  The flood of calls to Direct TV NFL ticket exploded. 

Anyone else who tries to hide behind the 1st amendment to push their beliefs to others at work would get fired. That is the point. Piss poor customer service

I get it. The NFL was under the impression they owned the fan. LOL ROTFLOL. I think they know now the fans do not have to watch or support them. It's just football and they can get it in other ways and the teams they go to will be appreciative. So who owns who? It is not anyone's football but the NFL's so they proved and how NFL how could you not know this would happen, NFL? LOL ROTFLOL 

Isn't this a great show? Let's give a round of applause to the NFL and all the players who have such exciting worlds to watch. I really do love them all and wish each one of them success!

Let be clear. I really do love them. I know they all think they are doing good and the right thing. However you can only decide that for you and no other and it doesn't belong at work. Go to the park. Shout it from your roof top but if you rely on others for your living and you push our belief in their face before you will provide what they paid for, then you are silly if you think you are so important to another.

Only those who see race are racist. I don' see color. Never have and never will so I don't really get it. It's just a cover and I don't judge a book by it's cover. I learned the hard way. Don't judge or malign at all. It is all you and you are only hurting you. 

Sooner or later you get it and you stop hurting yourself. I have faith and hope and love for all that they will all recognize this truth.

Take care,