Marriette Wolf - Flats
Just started randomly sketching looking to do a reference that focused on a werewolf face.

The first 5 attempts looked like garbage but then suddenly this interesting pose came out of nowhere. XD 

the primary differences between Mariette and Babettes wolf forms is that Babette's hair is much more straggly and unkempt and she has several scars across her back side, were Mariette has straighter flowing hair. Mainly its because she had it nicely combed it before transforming. After a long night of going crazy her hair would likely be as unkempt as her Mother's as well.


Oh yeah for those who've had the chance to participate in any of the Livestreams. I've found it easiest to chat with people on Picarto since that one will give off a chime when some one types in, were Youtube and Twitch do not. 

Please forgive me If I've missed your messages in the past, it was not my intent to ignore anyone. I'll gladly chat extensively with people on a great many subjects if they desire. ^ _^

That and twitch and Youtube are quite anal about the music I sometimes listen to in the background, forcing them to be muted or blocked in some countries, where from what I can tell Twitch enforces no such penalties. (Chats best here <<<<

I'll in fact be starting up a stream here within the hour if you want to hang out and see how it's all done. ^_~ I'll be focusing on adding the tones to the wolf form and if I Finish on time inking the human form... though that one needs more adjustments anatomy wise.