Marril, the Garnet Naga
 As far as her personality goes, she's a strong, independent gal, though that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy the company of others.  She's a demon-for-hire, and knows how to use pretty much any weapon.  She has a few close friends and is willing to die for them, though that'll probably never happen since she heals quickly and her skin is extremely hard.  She can be rather seductive, but enjoys teasing people the most.  The idea of the "traditional" demon - is feared by and eats people - disgusts her, and she rarely puts trust in other demons.  Her favorite thing to eat is cow, but if there's a fresh body of one of her enemies just lying around and it's in good condition...well, good luck stopping her lol.  She'll be polite though and won't eat them in front of you -she knows how squeamish we silly humans are.