Much to my surprise I may find…I own the world

Then what'll I do. Drop dead I suppose.

I got a headache complaint about a smoking saint

She rolled to kalamazoo

Through the mud down a sew…an open sewer grate

I got flies in my eyes I'm swatting belzebub disguised as a black out the sun

I don't have no business to watch locusts eat everyone

Com back mary ann…oh yeah

I heard your voice outside my head you hear what it said? This song makes no sense

Remember jumping the fence lost all my contents when my pants got caught and were rent

Comando missions for food being all pretend lude

because all small talk stinks falling at the ice rinks its a common disease

Will your space ship have room cause I need outta this place

Hallucinate a mirage I need a massage I wish I wrote like shelley

Singing too ra loo yo da lay he too

All this just to pass some time. A bunch of lyrecal rhyme. Larded bullets of love

I hope to see you soon but not soon enough….