Mask or Butterfly
I've been playing with my new charm oracle, drawing a charm in the morning (in addition to my WomanRune and Futhark reads for the day), but also just picking a charm throughout the day and asking about whatever is going on at the moment.

This morning I pulled this charm, just like this, and the first thing I saw in it was a little mask  (downward tilting almond shaped eyes, and an open o mouth).  Then I realized it was a butterfly charm, just upside down.  So I started to think about butterfly for the day, and then had to stop myself.

I blogged yesterday about building a symbol library, and how sometimes the same symbol can mean very different things.  Well this symbol is the charm itself, so if I saw a mask, then that was the message that was meant for the day!

It can be really easy to read the obvious answer, to think about things in the way we think we are supposed to.  This is a butterfly charm, so shouldn't I read it as a butterfly?  I don't think I should, not when it's saying something else to me.

Not only does this help me to tune into that subtle voice that speaks of things beyond, but it encourages me to think outside of the box.  The more I listen to these impulses, the less likely I am to take the first, most obvious answer, and the more likely I am to actually delve deep and see what there is to find.

So I went with mask as my guidance for the day..but also kept my mind open to the possibility of butterfly showing up at some point.  Because, you never know....