A new OC. Recently I did something highly unusual for me and bought some OCs from two different artists. It's hard to resist sometimes because I want to support my fellow artists, too. ;A;

This design was created by t0xic_bard! It combines so many things I love, with the bird mask and the galaxy pattern and the fur and UGH! It's really hard to draw, but looks gorgeous when finished - and I can stand some challenges!

As for the seemingly strange highlighting - Ialready headcanon that the surface of this creature is both soft like fur and smooth like glass at the same time. I don't know name, gender or... anything else yet ("Masque Monster" is the name of th open species it's a part of), but I'm sure it'll come to me.

Check out the original ref sheet by the artist I bought them from! As well as the original species this character is a part of!