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1 HP
$1 or more per month 91 patrons
+ Monthly Icon(s)

+ "Coffee Giver" Discord title

+ Access to guides and tutorials

+ Early bird preorder privilages

+ Clip Studio Brushes and Resources

+ Read Kings Folly a week early 

Includes Discord rewards
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$5 or more per month 11 patrons
All previous tier rewards

+ Monthly Phone Wallpaper

+ Credit in all printed publications

+ View new guides, tutorials, projects, and products a week early

+ Unlimited Access to Torte and Lacey 

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3 HP
$10 or more per month 20 patrons
All previous tier rewards 

+ Private requests and answers from Whispwill

+ Private patron only commission live Streams. Skip the commission wait list!

 Monthly Bundles! 

  • Low resolution line art for you to practice with.
  • Low resolution PSD's of all my prints
  • Descriptions of my methods including the brushes/textures I used
  • Video recordings of my artwork
  • High Resolution PNGs of all finished art work ( so you can see the nitty gritty details )
Includes Discord rewards
4 HP
$20 or more per month 6 of 20 patrons
All previous tier rewards

+ Join the mailing list! Get postcards, stickers, pins, and other goodies every other month. ( mailing schedule on front page )

+ Access to various doodles and sketches that are not public

+ Special credit section in all printed publications

+ Access to my custom brushes

+ Full resolution PSDs

Includes Discord rewards
5 HP
$50 or more per month 8 of 10 patrons
 All previous tier rewards 

+Free commissions! ( Limit one commission per 6 month period // so you don't eat up all the slots )

+ Free copy of all small zines and printed comics ( art books not included )

+ Personal credits section in all printed and digital publications 


$50 Patron only Bonuses! One time care package after 3 months of support! 

  1. Philip or Mercrutio Plushie
  2. A set of Kings Folly Charms ( Cody, Mercrutio, Elliot, Sawyer, Philip, and Victoria! )
  3. Signed copies of all Kings Folly comics currently in print.
  4. Signed Kings Folly sketch book for you to doodle and write in!
  5. A custom illustration in said sketch book
Includes Discord rewards
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