Mass Effect 2. Mass Comics walkthrough, part 1
With Andromeda being right around the corner, it's nice to sail through the sea of nostalgia.  Back in 2010, seven years ago (!), Mass Effect 2 introduced another amazing adventure of Commander Shepard and Normandy's crew. And that was one hell of a ride all the way to the suicide mission against the Collectors! 

I'm the artist of Mass Comics and this is my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 game.  I'm using my custom female Shepard for it, because her voice actress, Jennifer Hale , made her character feel alive and charismatic. Besides, girl on girl romances never get old... :D It took a while to create an attractive Shepard in the editor, but for me the result was worth it. She's a nice looking girl, who's ready to make Paragon and Renegade choices.  

This is part 1 of the walkthrough. It contains the following:

  • getting killed(!) by the Collectors;
  •  escaping the Cerberus scientific facility; 
  • meeting the Illusive Man;
  • first mission on Freedom's Progress;
  • flirting with Kelly Chambers;
  • first travel to the Citadel.

Enjoy the ride! :)

PS: the game runs on highest settings , INSANE difficulty . But I'm  not a professional streamer or youtube user, so the video may contain some freezes and pauses here and there due to streaming software settings. I'll do my best to improve. :)