Mass Effect 3: A Recap and An Announcement

This Sunday, August 7th, is going to be the Anniversary Stream for when I started Let's Playing. And I'm going to be recording the last of Mass Effect 3 while streaming it for everyone to see!

If you can't make the stream, DO NOT FRET! I'll be posting the stream right here to Youtube, once I have a chance to review it, edit, and get it uploaded.

I have no guarantees that I'll be able to finish the ENTIRE game while streaming, though I'm going to aim to try. I may also have a special plan for the very end of the game that maaaay require some special not-streaming recording to do.

ANYWAY! I'll be posting a video the day of, as well, including the link to the stream. I aim to begin sometime midday for the United States (roughly noonish Central time) but the video will have more details.

I hope to see you there!