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Massage Therapy Journal Club ep. 2.4 - Touch, Attachment, Pain... and LASERS?!
Join us live on Friday at 3:00 EST / 1:00 MST (or view the recording any time after that) when Tania Velasquez and I will discuss a 2016 experiment (document is attached) that investigates how experimentally-induced pain may be reduced by affective touch, including how that touch might be mediated by the persons attachment style.

Oh, and the pain is experimentally-induced by lasers!  

A word about this one - this study is complex.  I do encourage you to read it ahead of viewing, but if you choose to do that I urge you not to get discouraged if you find it challenging, because it IS challenging.  Read it briskly, do not get bogged down when there are parts you might not understand, and take away from it what you can.  One of our goals with the Massage Therapy Journal Club is to demonstrate that research can be read at different levels, and that oftentimes it is optimal to read such things quickly.  Try it.