Massaging the Workshop Schedules
We do still need to keep the workshop schedules moving forward online. It's as important as anything I do. But I'm super busy right through the spring and so what I'm going to try is this: I'm going to save the space Saturdays 5pm UK time every week. We need a minimum of four enrolments to go forward so whenever we hit four, the workshop will go forward. When we are still waiting for that number, the workshop will bump itself to the next Saturday. Does this sound reasonable? That way we all know there is one each Saturday as long as there are four people who want it on that particular Saturday. This does not hold for OZ/NZ as the time frames have to be particular for that to happen. ALSO during this time there will be no private sessions. There just isn't time to do one at a time. enquire at [email protected]  First Saturday is the next one: 24 Feb and each Saturday thereafter.