Massive Astray3 design dump!

Been sitting on these for awhile. Seems a good time to catch up on the extra goodies. 

Above, The designs for the Muradjinn deck guard crew. Starting from the left are Droga, Sohd, Onro, and Ahoghi.

The unnamed crew of Dragilsers. I assume their clothing is waxed and oiled to help resist the effects of their creations. Included is the general design of their sprayer device. It should be noted that their gas masks are similar to WWI "smelly duck" type gas masks. Look them up sometime. Their cool shades are created from small tralk wings. 

The Muradjinn deck grinders are ran by multiple banks of wheels driven by tame avreels. These avreels represent a hardier breed than the riding type.  Primarily because the task requires more stamina over long work days. The harness restrains and contains the avreel to the wheel. In addition, it keeps it from leaning too far forward into full ground effect position. 

Mr. Featherton ( Birdbrain ) in his new form. Hook bill breeds of avreels possess a rather high degree of intelligence. They are able to associate words and objects; even to a degree that allows them to understand simple context. However, they are headstrong, mischievous, and obstinate. Coupled with a powerful beak, they are dangerous to tame and breed. A wise breeder minds his fingers, not to mention limbs, and never fully trusts their charges. 

Two contrasting examples sentient species under Gomradi domination. On the left is the Swete, a prized "partner" to the Gomradi. They can be found as archers and ranged specialists in the Gomradi military. On their own, they form nomadic flocks that explore the great moss plains of the Astray3 world. 

On the right is a member of the dral classes. A people with no official power or standing in the Gomradi hierarchy. The Theqarix are known to be talented entertainers and musicians. This largely has no value to their Gomradi overlords. As such, the Theqarix get by in a rather roguish fashion. Street/theater performing, pickpocketing, various scams, alcohol production and, when necessary, labor for hire. 

Two more representatives of the dral class. On the left is an Isnechian. Isnechs live in large social communes. They are dedicated workers who see value only in labor. However, they are notoriously united and insist on collective bargaining. This is much to the ire of the Gomradi and prevents them from being elevated to "partner" status within the empire. A popular saying amongst the ruling class is that the Isnech are, "Too useful for the sword, but too stubborn for the whip." Isnechians are also the most polymorphic of Astray3's inhabitants. 

On the right are the Dimplo. A secretive species that is primarily known for running dral dedicated banks, racketeering, and other skulduggery. In appearance they are multi-jointed humanoid mammals. The additional articulation gives their movements a graceful, sometimes "floating", quality. Hidden beneath traditional layers of loose robes with garishly carved masks, their lithe movements can be perceived as supernatural; especially at night when they are on the hunt for debtors and thieves. 


And that is it for this update. I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into the background work and production of Astray3. ( This might also give you some idea why certain updates take longer than others. )

Until next time,


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