Master Graham dabbles in generative art
Kettle Friends! Let me give you a peek at what I've been playing with this week!

Last month I went to St. Louis for a tech conference and attended a workshop on making art with code. I've been thinking about how I could create some interactive tech/art to complement performances for a while now, and my experiments with this have brought me closer to that than ever. Watch out.

You can take a closer look at these weird flower shapes in action here (refresh to see variations in shapes/colors).

Next up: my chamber music group, Caravanserai, is planning a brunch concert to go along with the VABSfest. Our event with be Sunday morning, November 5th. We're rehearsing tomorrow and we plan on tackling some crazy remixes of some of the other festival music. Bach meets Beyonce, perhaps? It's gonna be fun.