Master Map Archive

I know Patreon is a pain in the butt to go through for grabbing maps. So it's time for a centralized way to download them. I'm still working on it but will try to keep this updated as I move forward as well as back-link my other content to make it easier for new people to download maps and assets.

For starters, and because I know it's what most of you are here for, I've grabbed all my DotMM and Avernus maps and placed them in a Drive folder!

Dungeon of the Mad Mage Maps {Skull Island, Levels 7-23, The Keel Hall remastered)

Descent into Avernus Maps (Just missing 2 now!)

Random Free Map Collection 

Original Maps

You need to be a Patreon member for these!

Asset Packs

You need to be a +$5 member to download these links! You can alternatively buy the packs separately on the Roll20 Marketplace.

d10 Encounter Lists and other Plot Hooks


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