Master of Arts!
I wanted you wonderful supportive Patreons to be the first to know... I've been offered a place at Huddersfield University for their Creative Patterncutting MA 2017/18

This is so exciting! Obviously finances are going to be an ongoing issue so your support is valued more now than ever!
I look forward to including lots of updates on my research and work as well as continuing the YouTube tutorials etc...

An MA might seem a bit superfluous in the creative arts - but it is a prerequisite for most permanent university teaching positions, and that is an area I can see myself easing into once the 5.30 am starts on film sets and 11 pm finishes at theatres gets too much!
It will also give me a year to really explore thoughts, technologies and make connections with people in a way I just don't have time to do when freelancing - I'm hoping I'm going to have some amazing knowledge and experiences to share during and after it!
I ran a pattern cutting class in my studio this weekend, and it was great to see a moment of realisation as it all made sense to my students! Can't wait for that to happen to me again!

So Thankyou once more for being there, and hold onto your hats and please don't go away, I can't do it without you xxxx