Master-Post for JUDGMENT

Here's a master-post for JUDGMENT, my urban fantasy work-in-progress, Patreon chapter serial for easier access to older chapters. 


When Tristian Volta prepares to pack up for the night at the law firm where he works, he is stopped by a mysterious woman who slaps a set of old papers laden with unreadable glyphs on his desk.
And that's when things get weird.
Turns out, he is being hunted by vampires. And he's not the first.
The woman says he's like her--an enchanter--a magic-user who can stop the vampires and their endless tirade across the globe. The bloodsuckers exist everywhere: the police, the government, hell they're even in the White House. And Tristian has to decide--quickly--if he'll give in to her enigmatic powers and unlock his own or suffer a bloody fate at the hands of the cold creatures that stalk his every step.
Sylvia Ward is used to slipping out of reality as a black enchanter whose powers constantly work against her. She's the protector of the tri-state region of enchanters, tasked with locating the magic-users not aware of the innate power they possess. When she finally locates Tristian Volta and hands him the necessary papers to help awaken his powers, pesky vampires close in and she has to get the newborn enchanter up to speed--and fast.
But he's not quite ready to accept the new world he's been shown--and as he attempts to decide his place in the world of enchanters, werewolves, vampires, and Seers, she has to work overtime to keep him safe and keep herself tethered to the physical world. But it's Tristian's explosive energy--and the vampires it attracts--that proves the hardest to get under control.


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Patreon Serial Snippet* 

Tristian Volta pressed the black button, his hand tightening around the handle of his briefcase: he could not seem to get the sight of the strange woman out of his mind. The two papers she’d given him remained tucked carefully in-between a manila folder and the D.A. offices’ proposal.

Chapter 1 

He pulled the large stack of cases toward him along his desk, smiling to  himself: He’d just gotten off the phone with the D.A.’s office – they  were looking into his record, liked what they saw. His smile never  wavered as he took his eyes off his current cases and stared around the  cozy office he’d been given upon his promotion to contract lawyer. Yes,  he’d done quite well for himself, he thought, eyeing the dark green  silken wallpaper, the dark brown panels just below them that lined the  smug office. Of course, atop this wallpaper sat an assortment of  accomplishments he’d been sure to work hard to acquire; everyone knew he  was a shoe in for partner someday, but if the D.A. stepped in  first…well, he couldn’t be blamed for weighing his options. 

Chapter 2 

Tristian Volta pressed the black button, his hand tightening around the  handle of his briefcase: he could not seem to get the sight of the  strange woman out of his mind. The two papers she’d given him remained  tucked carefully in-between a manila folder and the D.A. offices’  proposal. 

Chapter 3 

His stomach grumbled with hunger and fear as he ran along the hallway,  their shoes pounding against the hard carpet, and he was sure, waking up  his neighbors on the floor. 

Chapter 4 

Sylvia Ward pulled the man along, not desiring to stop lest another  vampire emerge from nothing, their annoyingly cold hands wrapping around  her throat... 

Chapter 5 

Tristian would rather have a cab bring them wherever they needed to go than be dragged one more block by her hand, the glowing hot briefcase he held causing sweat to form in droves at his brow. 

Chapter 6 

 She’d watched what had happened in amazement. She had not meant to slip onto the astral plane again, but it appeared she could not tether herself to this plane for much longer. But surely that no longer mattered. For he had done it. He had linked himself to Aiden and together they had reduced a vampire to ash. 

Chapter 7 

 Tristian’s fingers were burning as he cradled the body of the mug, but he dared not release the briefcase. He dealt with it until they reached the living room. The hallway opened up into a vast room filled with white furniture. A grand, gold-lined fireplace sat within a wall across from them, above it a wide flat-screen television. It was off. In the tv’s black screen, Tristian could see the werewolf that stood to their left. 

 *A JUDGMENT Friday The 13th Short Story  

When Gabriel Caldwell finds himself outside Sylvia Ward’s home, looking in, the normally cool-headed werewolf gets caught off guard by a vampire.  

Chapter 8 

Sylvia ran, wiping away the tears in her eyes. She reached the front door to find it was thrown wide. Gabriel stood along the path to the large home facing several vampires. 

Chapter 9 

 Richard Evans walked down the steps, able to smell the vampire blood that had, only hours ago, littered the dark pavement of the driveway. He clasped his hands behind his back and did his best to steady his wildly beating heart. 

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