Masters (of the Universe and/or The New Album)
I just posted this as an update to the Kickstarter folks, but I wanted to let you guys know as well. In case you're wondering why you haven't heard much music from me lately… I've taken your money and headed to Vegas. SO LONG SUCKERS!

Actually, no. But I am spending that money hand-over-fist right now, paying for the mixing engineer (thanks, Benny!), my musicians (thanks, guys!), and of course, the mastering engineer. His schedule is what's holding things up right now… but that was expected.

Since we didn't raise the funds to hire Andrew Emerson again, I went with a local option— someone Benny recommended, actually. And I've got good news to go along with it:

Digital Vinyl

While we didn't reach the ultimate vinyl goal, I can afford to have Brian (the mastering engineer) create an "audiophile version" that's awesome to listen to and the "album version" that is a bit louder. In order to sound competitive on streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, the songs need to be loud… but half the reason vinyl sounds so good is that it's got more dynamic range (i.e. the quiet parts are actually quiet).

So like last album's "Digital Vinyl" version, we're doing the same thing here. The CD will be representative of what you hear on streaming services, but anyone who backed this album will also get the uncompressed, full-quality Digital Vinyl version as a download.

And when will all this happen? Brian's scheduled me for the beginning of May, so I should have tracks READY TO SHARE in the next few weeks!

EDM 101

In the mean time, I'm still working on new dance tracks. Like, constantly. And remixing old ones. It's one part self-education, one part experimentation, and one part inspired creation.

Which leads me to the big question… do you guys want to hear the various iterations of "Heroes" since I originally released it to you? 'Cause it's evolved a LOT as I've learned a thing or two!

And one last question… good God, how thick was He-Man's neck anyway?

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