Mastodon 2.1 and onwards

Hello folks! Hope you had great holidays and I wish you a happy upcoming new year! Mastodon 2.1 was released 2 weeks ago but I was caught up in a festive mood and did not make a corresponding Patreon post until now. Here's what's cool in it:

  • You can categorize your home feed into lists and view them as separate columns!
  • You can finally mute boosts from a person you're following if you want
  • There's a new invite system, for instances with closed registrations and similar use cases
  • Another goodie for admins is a new moderator role and an audit log of all admin/mod actions for more oversight!
  • You can block DMs from people you don't follow now
  • From "Edit profile" you can now setup a redirect note to another account, for example if you've moved. Future versions will actually support moving followers automatically, this is just the first step!
  • Many fixes, improvements and translations

The full changelog is available here: 

Now, what's on the roadmap for future releases?

  • Personal server-side keyword muting
  • Full-text search on your own toots (and ideally on your mentions, and perhaps even favourites)
  • A group feature, essentially a way to broadcast a message to a large number of people who signed up for some common interest
  • Better aggregate statistics, such as finally tracking the number of active users metric
  • A better integration with existing userbases e.g. LDAP, CAS, PAM - the exact mechanism is not decided on yet

In other news: 31.12.2017 (which is already today for me) is the so-called #TwitterEvacuationDay, a movement of people to leave Twitter at the same time. I have been working on raising awareness about the hashtag and about Mastodon within that hashtag, with the help of friends and volunteer Mastodon users.

If you're somebody who keeps up with the Mastodon project but still primarily uses Twitter because of old contacts, perhaps this is the right opportunity to make the switch together.

Thank you for all the support! Needless to say, none of this would be possible without you. Remember that all the eligible sponsors are listed on the sponsors page here.

Happy Holidays!