MAT MANIA: Going out of Business?
I hope not. But as the episodes pile up, it's becoming increasingly hard to keep up with my costs for broadcasting. Right now I'm dangerously low on space so I can't upload another episode :(

So I need help. In order to move up to the next tier of space, it'll cost me $25 per month, or $300 a year for 500GB of bandwidth and 5GB of storage space. It's taken me 40 episodes to reach that, so it'd be a while before another upgrade is needed.

So, in addition to recording costs, and me paying production and mix costs, there's ANOTHER $300 that has to be added, so we have a new goal. 

Right now we teeter between 500-600 per song which is AWESOME! If we can get that to $800-$900 per track, all will be well!

In the meantime though, I'll look for new solutions, because I really enjoy making the podcast.  

So I have some questions: 

-Can you share the Patreon link to 5 friends? 

-Can your $1 pledge increase to $2?

-Do you listen to Mat Mania? what do you like/not like/want to see added? Any suggestions?

-Know of a better podcast hosting site/deal? I've been with podomatic for like 8 years, but I don't mind leaving. 

-Any other thoughts/comments/questions? leave them below.

Thank you and happy new year!