MaterialEditor v2.0.7

2.0 is a major rewrite of MaterialEditor. The UI has been completely rewritten and loads much more quickly, even for objects with a huge number of parts. I split up, organized, and documented all of the code and created an API other plugins can use to set material values which MaterialEditor will then save and load as though it were set by the UI. I plan to make use of this in an upcoming plugin for Koikatsu, AI Girl, and Honey Select 2.


  • Made the UI load more quickly
  • Loading characters in the character maker now respects the checkboxes for partial loading
  • Implemented filtering results in the UI
  • Automatic reloading of changed textures (this feature can be disabled in plugin settings)
  • Added buttons for individual face parts to their part of the UI (mouth, eyes, etc.)
  • Additional body parts added by UncensorSelector compatible uncensors will now show in MaterialEditor (all)
  • Body and face are included in MaterialEditor (all) in both the character maker and Studio
  • Added XML documentation for all public methods in the code for use by plugin developers
  • HoneySelect2 port


  • Fixed UV map export button and .obj export button
  • Fixed changing outfits in the Koikatsu character maker not applying MaterialEditor edits. Data was still loaded and was still saved to the card so no data will have been lost due to this bug.


  • Fixed textures not being loaded for coordinates in some cases
  • Copying clothes now copies MaterialEditor edits (Koikatsu)
  • Checkboxes for loading coordinates are now properly respected
  • Fixed an issue with loading coordinates without saved extended data


  • Fixed another issue with obj and UV export


  • Fixed an issue with loading coordinates in Studio causing all the MaterialEditor data to be cleared


  • Fixed character and hair edits using the wrong coordinate index in Koikatsu
  • Removed error spam when auto reloading textures


  • Exposed the AlphaMask texture for main_skin shader and blacklist it for the body (KK, EC)


  • Fixed face edits not loading when replacing a character in Studio (KK)
  • Fixed tongues having wrong materials in the main game and after replacing characters in  Studio or loading cards in the character maker (KK, EC) 
  • Exposed missing rimV property of the main_alpha shader (KK, EC)
  • Fixed shaders not loading sometimes (HS2)

Please report any bugs you find. You can report them here, on Discord ([email protected]), or on my Github.

Illusion Modding API
BepInEx 5.0.1

Extract the .zip to your game install

KK version for Koikatsu, EC version for EmotionCreators, AI version for AI Girl, HS2 version for HoneySelect2