MaterialEditor is a plugin that allows you to edit many properties of objects that aren't usually accessible in game. Much like Marco's clothing overlays you can replace the texture of an item, however with MaterialEditor you can edit much more than clothes. Edit clothes, accessories, hair, and even Studio items. Replace shaders and edit more than just the main texture.


  • Export UV maps of a mesh to help with drawing textures
  • Replace nearly any texture with custom textures
  • Change the shader of any object
  • Change properties of materials to control things like shininess or outline thickness
  • Change properties of the mesh to affect whether it casts shadows or disable a mesh completely
  • All changes save and load with the card, coordinate, or Studio scene
  • Duplicate textures are saved to the card once. 100 accessories with the same texture have the same file size as one accessory with a texture

Access the Material Editor by pressing the "Open Material Editor" button on clothes, hair, or accessories in the character maker. Access it in Studio by pressing the "Mat. Editor" button on the Workspace with a studio item selected.


  • Keelhauled: UI help, UI code
  • Joan6694: UIUtility
  • Marco: Texture save/load code, UI help
  • Essu: UV Map export code

Illusion Modding API
BepInEx 5.3

Extract the .zip to your game install

KK version for Koikatsu, EC version for EmotionCreators, AI version for AI Girl, HS2 version for HoneySelect2