Matrix "Live" Ep 14 - Oct 13
This week from Matthew and Special Guests...


  - we broke $3000 on patreon!

  - we got another 100ETH ($30K) from a secret donor, thank you!

  - we have steady progress towards long-term funding... watch this space.

  - we accidentally released our monday internal sync this week to all patreon supporters; so consider it a sneak peek of what you'd see *every* week if you donated $10 or more a month!

  - supporters rooms are starting to appear alongside groups, starting with elliptic supporters.


  - New mobile releases landed

  - Jitsi is available everywhere

  - Black theme contribution on Android

  - Widgets on mobile!

  - Groups has merged but is stuck behind a feature flag as we refine it

  - Yet more anti-spam/anti-scan features

  - @channel notifications at last


  - Lots of state resolution stuff and synapse wrangling

  - Some major fixes have landed to develop on synapse

  - Dendrite is slowly progressing released this post 7 days early for patrons.   Become a patron