Matrix "Live" S2 Ep 9 - Mar 2
Sorry for running late - we've been at!


 * Gearing up for 0.14 release still.  24 issues in the milestone; 17 are closed; 7 remain - follow along on the github milestone

 * Good news is that LeftLeftPanel (also TagPanel or GroupPanel or FilterPanel) is good to go.

 * However, we are still seeing major performance issues (both CPU & RAM) which we're wanting to close before we ship.

 * Finally, we're trying to sneak in a new workaround for UISIs (undecryptable messages), where users can manually press a button to rerequest keys if they're missing.


 * We ran out of CPU on the synapse master yet again due to increasing traffic levels - the worst sideeffect (other than general latency) is that Freenode membership changes fall behind during west-coast US business hours, meaning newly joined users on the IRC side don't appear and aren't bridged to Matrix.

 * So, loooooooads of perf work happening to fix this!

 * Splitting out push calculations to happen on the new 'event creator' workers

 * Profiling the master with Theseus to find other hotspots; e.g. Read Markers (now optimised with more cacheing)

 * Rich vdH has been working away on state resets (and ops hell)

 * Synapse 0.27 on the horizon once we've fixed the CPU fun.


 * Progress happening in the community - thanks to Anoa and others; we're going to be back as soon as Synapse 0.27 is out.


 * We announced all the new releases last week!

 * Shipped a quick update on iOS to fix a problem with blank groups.

 * Quick Replies are here in notifications, on dev, thanks to a Status Open Bounty submission from Joey Watts!

 * Swift 4 support on iOS SDK was contributed/fixed by John Flanaghan at Spok

 * We're now in a bugfixing & maintenance sprint!


 * Sticker packs are done pending review!


 * Much discussion of .well-known URLs.  Huge thanks to uhoreg for shepherding the spec proposal through whilst trying to incorporate feedback from the wider community.

 * Matthew spent last weekend working on governance docs for for a more open community contribution process - looking at inspiration from Rust and others.

Hiring! Come work on Matrix!!