Matsuri Toba (Clamp) was THE most unexpected (even for me) of my cosplays. It was suggested as a joke and I ended up actually doing it :)

It was the first time I did

- crossgender cosplay

- anime

- something pretty

- something pink

- something with a wig

- something with no armor or latex

- something with a face NOT covered with trunks or masks

- a group cosplay

As a team we did a crossgender-combo :) 4 girls doing male characters and me doing the only female character. It was a really fun and challenging experiance, but I've decided I'm not doing cute female characters any more :D Only badass and bitchy ones - my face is not fit for the pretty.

P.S. I am still in love with the fabric. 15 metres of beautifull synthetic silk with a noble matte shine to it. Took me a lot of time to find that one :)

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