Matt "Archangel" York: Hunting the Djinn - Part Fifteen

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As much as he did enjoy the explosions and mayhem that he'd caused below, it wasn't at all how he'd hoped this mission would go down. Now it was time to pull back and hit the target from  the front. He edged away from the crude sniper's nest and stood, once he felt safe. Then he broke into a run. He wouldn't have long before the men below would realize there were no more forthcoming explosions or gunfire. They might try sending a few people up to the ridge and could find the car. Other men would have to work on replacing the tires. Before any of that could happen, he'd need to be in a new firing position.

The sand and gravel crunched under his feet. Darkness and uneven terrain wanted to drag him down. He took it slower than he would like, but kept as quick a pace as was safely possible. After a thirty second sprint, he stopped and took stock of his surroundings. The road dropped in elevation, but it was bearing to the east, on track to intersect the main road. He stepped to the edge of the drop and looked down. Low scrub would provide some cover. Once he fired off a few shots there would be no doubt where the shots were coming from.

He took a few long strides and hunched down. Peering through the brush via his night vision goggles wasn't the clearest point of view. He got to his stomach and immediately improved his line of sight. He could see the men below tentatively coming out of their hiding places. Body language said that none of them were happy about the idea. The Djinn no doubt held a proverbial gun to their heads. He could imagine a movie villain saying something like "if you don't go, I'll give you something to fear." More than likely, the man didn't have to say anything at all. He would have iron control over them.

Rather than fire from here, he set a small amount of Semtex at the base of the tree and attached a timer. Next, he pulled a spare magazine from its pocket and slid out a few rounds. He stuck the bullets into the explosive clump and set the timer to thirty seconds.

Moving as quickly and quietly as he could, he climbed back up and ran further down the road. When he counted to twenty five Mississippi in his head, he flattened.

There was a loud pop and the unmistakable sound of rounds cooking off.

In his head, he saw the targets scrambling for cover. After a five count he crawled to the edge of the road. He brought one of the MP5s around and up. They'd gone to ground alright. He had to keep them confused and scared. Setting the submachine gun's fixed sights on one man, he triggered off a few short bursts. Most of the shots missed, but at least one of them caught him in the lower half of his body. York watched him stumble and fall. Then he watched him crawl towards cover.

Another short burst and the man was down for good.