Matt Fradd is now a Free Agent!
Our friend Matt Fradd has now taken Pints with Aquinas to the next level by going full time. Or, as Luke says, "HE'S LIVING THE DREAM!" He quit his job at Integrity Restored and is devoting himself completely to his speaking engagements and developing the show.

I'm realizing more and more that if we are going to create content that is good, funny, and even a bit risky, then we need to go outside of the usual channels and directly support artists and entertainers ourselves.

Think about this for a second. If you've ever complained that EWTN is for Baby Boomers only, or a certain political type of faithful Catholic, then they only way to bring about change is by funding things like Pints with Aquinas (and Eden Invitation this Tuesday!). 

The technology gives us incredible access to an audience the size of the whole world. If you have an internet connect, you can get the content. The gatekeepers are largely gone. In this new world of YouTube videos, Facebook advertising, and podcast feeds, we can be our own media companies.

Support him here.

All we need is your help. Praying for us is good, sharing our stuff is better, and financially supporting us is the best!

"With God's help, I can conquer myself. With God and money, I can conquer the world." -St. Teresa of Avila.