MATTIE HILL Host of THIS MATTERS Sketch by Cassie Lakey
This was originally posted for my patrons, now everyone can see it.  Another character sketch featuring a supporting character from TAMARA AMAZON WARRIOR.  Once again, Cassie Lakey draws this character for Tamara.  Check out her previous works @

Mattie Hill is a character I originally developed for Specter X.  She’s Filipina and from the Bay Area.  She has her news shows, THIS MATTERS.  I was inspired from real life news correspondents like Bill O’Reilly, Nancy Grace, Laura Ingraham, among others.  I wanted a character who was like J. Jonah Jameson, but fit a more modern dynamic.  Who would this character be now?  A right wing conservative.  We also indicate that her show is sponsored by FROSTCORP, hinting at her bias.  I asked Cassie to make the font of THIS MATTERS similar to the font from FOX NEWS.  I made Mattie Filipina since I didn’t want to just have another white right wing conservative news correspondent.  There’s already enough in the real world.  Plus, since she’s based in the Bay Area, most likely this character would be more diverse.

As I developed the character, I realized she fits better as an adversary for Tamara, since some women would be upset that an amazon would just arrive and fight for social justice.  The inspiration of her character motivation came when women protested against Wonder Women being made an honorary UN ambassador.  That was partially the inspiration for this story overall, since Tamara‘s presence would upset powerful women like Mattie Hill.  Mattie isn’t a supervillain, so she won’t end up being Lex Luthor, since this miniseries already has a supervillain.  Mattie represents the corrupt media and will help provide some exposition.  I hope once I expand this mini comic into the miniseries, she can appear denouncing Tamara’s actions.  I came up with this quote for her, paraphrased from those who protested against Wonder Woman being an honorary ambassador.

”We are a civilized world of laws and protocols.  We do not need saving from a scantily clad supermodel wielding a sword, from some savage island of women who project a negative stigma of female empowerment.”  —Mattie Hill, THIS MATTERS

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