MATT's Han Solo Fan Film and Cop Show Goals
Hey guys! This is my "what am I doing here" video. 

I am currently working on a CGI reboot of last summer's Han Solo fan Film I made with my kids,


 There are new CGI shots as well as shots from my BLADE RUNNER  sequel in 2013.

I am working toward getting a movie about my Father's life as a Homicide Detective made that will also be a TV show. 

It's like MADMEN, but it's funny, true and they are cops. 

I am trying to raise money to start producing the Cop show and pitching it so I can obtain a budget of $200K to $5mil. I hope Joeseph Gordon Levitt will play my Dad, you'll see. 

I am hoping YOUR patronage with allow me to pay for CGI work, renting theaters to show it in, I can not charge "fan film". Money for applying to Film Festivals, usually $50+ an application and a professional Sound mix for the Han Solo film.

Any help is greatly appreciated and we will bonus give aways like T-shirts, POD CASTs, and Q&A sessions as we go.

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