Matty started a Gofundme
Hey gang, just wanted to drop a note to let you all know that I )Matty) started a GoFundMe yesterday to assist with the 2 bikes I'm needing to get to get involved more into cycling and cyclocross. Apparently I have some very fast legs and of course I fully enjoy riding, thus I've got good potential to do some good in racing as well as charity rides, Ironman and much more.

The featured image here shows two bikes, the one on the left is my Giant ATX Mountain Bike which I've rode over 1800 miles on so far, on the right is a white Giant Cyclocross bike in which I'm saving as fast as I can to purchase for racing that starts in the beginning of the year. In the picture below is a black and yellow bike which is my up and coming road bike. With the road bike I'll be able to ride twice the speed and twice the distance in half the time.

I've been clocked via Strava at anywhere between 27-40 mph on my mountain bike in most cases these speeds were while going up hill as you can see on my Strava (follow Annika and I on Strava to see all stats).

Everyday Annika and I are progressing more and more with cycling and mountain biking and with a little help from those who support us we can do so much more. If you get the time check out our GoFundMe and as everyone knows, we've never asked for assistance like this. Huge thanks goes out to Sean and my wife for the help so far on GoFundMe!!

#Hugsandloves everyone and thanks for checking it out.