Maui Upcountry, Painting Horses and Why I love Hawaii
We had the wonderful opportunity to visit Maui in February… Hawaii is such a special place for me. Not just for the usual reasons, I mean really, who doesn’t enjoy it!? But it inspires me on a really intense level. Something about the islands awaken my deepest creative passions. It’s as if I had been looking at the world through dark, dirty, and scratched sunglasses everywhere I go, then land in Hawaii, and they just melt away. Everything is more vibrant, intense, I feel awakened from a groggy and ghost-like state. These feelings can be overwhelming the first couple days. I can hardly process them. Imagine the shock to the senses! It’s almost too much to take in. Then come the waves of incredible urgency: Must. Paint. Must. Create. Must. MAKE. I think my natural reaction to beauty as well as beautiful experiences is to imitate or honor them by creating something. I find it incredibly difficult to describe this feeling, this drive, this directive. When I try to ignore it I find myself irritable and my mind begins to obsess about it. Why not give in!? I ask myself this often. The reasons that often allow me to excuse myself from partaking in creating an imitation of God’s Creation are varied and usually good ones. But do they matter? Do they really matter? Hawaii helps me tune out some of the things that, though ‘good’, are not as good as actually creating, actually channeling that intense emotional knee-jerk reaction to what beauty sits before you . I hope this trip will help me keep that focus as I return to reality, emails, deadlines, obligations, and more. Those things are all GOOD, and most are necessary, but I must not allow them to insulate my senses as a painter, adding another layer of grime to those dark, dirty sunglasses. Must clean my sunglasses. :) This pic was taken on a plein air painting outing with a dear friend. We traveled upcountry to a farm where the horses assisted in therapy treatment. The lighting was gorgeous, the rolling slopes of Haleakala glistened in the morning sun, and the horses were just beautiful... but then, aren't they always? I enjoyed painting there very much. I cannot wait to go back!