Max Boost! Issue #1

My name is Dennis Caco, creator and artist of Max Boost, the original Import Tuner comic.

First off, THANK YOU for taking a look.  If you know Max Boost then hopefully your feeling some nostalgia.  If you’re new to Max Boost, welcome. in 1998  I launched Max Boost in the very FIRST issue of Import Tuner Magazine, and he eventually became a prominent mascot for the Tuner Culture with millions of readers young and old through the years.  

Max Boost was a representation of my experience as a tuner and car enthusiast, in the world of an emerging tuner culture- Wayyy before Fast and the Furious made import tuning famous in America.  Max Boost was a regular feature in import tuner magazine for close to a decade, until I suddenly stopped the comic close to a decade ago…. Until now.

Max Boost is BACK!  And we are happy to share the original comics and art with you month by month here on Patreon since over 150 pages of the comic are not available ANYWHERE else.  
Please consider becoming a Patron to have access to special issues, eventually create new episodes, artwork, swag and more!

It’s readers like you that make Max Boost special, and inspire us to continue on.

So this first issue was drawn and written by myself, and inked by my Jasen Rodriguez who was a pro in the comic book industry - inking for titles from DC to Marvel and more.  We were studio partners, and I still remember the day I picked up the finished inked issue of Max Boost #1 from his house and walking out the door.

I brought the comic pages to present to Kipp Kington, and the Turbo Magazine crew, and they loved them.

Issue #1 is special for many reasons, but one of them is that I immortalize my very first car - a beater 1981 Toyota Celica that was the very first car that my family purchased when we immigrated here from the Philippines.  I really wish I had that car today.

Here you meet Max, Otto, and Todd for the very first time.  Back in 1998, the Tuner culture was very different than it was today, as Hondas and Japanese import tuners were a very new phenomenon, and we had zero respect from the Muscle Cars at the time - and a rivalry was born - as Hondas and imports tried to make their own mark in the world.  It’s hard to imagine a era where there were very few tuners in the streets, no Subarus, Mitsubishis, 240sx turbo conversions were rare.

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Link to Issue #2

-Dennis Caco and the Max Boost Crew

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