Max Boost! Issue #2

Some history of Max Boost...

Back in 1997, I became friends with Michael Ferrara from Turbo Magazine when he featured in an article as the very first DRAG Gen 2 Turbo Integra GSR’s in the world.

Since I was a designer the Turbo Magazine crew, Michael Ferrara, Kipp Kington,  Evan Griffey, and Ed Eng invited me to brainstorm  a new magazine to compete with Super Street, and Sport Compact car.  They shared their thoughts, and I came up with some design concepts and knew the new magazine should be lifestyle based, with studio shot covers to help make it stand out from the rest.  I designed the original logo, and 3 covers, and eventually this magazine became Import Tuner, and I was very happy to play a small part of the creation of this magazine.

At the time, the big problem magazines were facing was that the tuner culture was 90% Honda, and that they wanted to be able to showcase other cars on the cover, but felt that no one would pick up the magazine if the cover cars were anything else but a Honda.

So I came up with an idea - what If I could create something where people would pick up the magazine and read it no matter what car was on the cover?  And so, that’s when Max Boost was born - a continuous story line which readers followed issue by issue for years.  Max Boost was so successful, that approximately 75% of import tuner subscribers said they subscribed because of it.  And, well, the rest is history. 

A fun little side note -  Michael Ferrara started Import Drag Racing Circuit and I designed the original logo (which was cool)... and he eventually became the publisher of his own Magazine - called DSPORT.

Stay tuned!

Happy Boostin', 

Dennis Caco and the Max Boost Crew

Link to Issue #3 

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