Max Boost! Issue #3

Max and Otto's first night at the street races ... 

If you ever street raced in San Diego during the 90's, many of you might notice this location.  We called it "Firehouse" because it was located near a fire station.  

Admittedly, I did quite a bit of street racing when I was younger (which I don't advocate now, as I now support initiatives for bringing your car to legal racing events like racetracks) and many memories were made at "firehouse".

They eventually installed speed bumps on the street to keep us from coming back, and to this day, you can see them there!

So as you can see, not only did I make a comic about Tuner life, but I also lived it. ;)

See you next episode!

*** Comment Below - do you remember this location?  Or- Share with us a location that used to be popular to race or meet in your hometown.  Best comment WINS!  ***

-Dennis and the Max Boost Crew

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